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Basque Country Campsites Association

Camping with a taste of the sea, nature and Basque culture

If we had to define the Basque Country, we would say that all worlds are represented in this small country. In a radius of 100 km2 it has a surprising biodiversity. From the North, dominated by the marine landscape and mountainous geography covered with a deep green, to the South with intense Mediterranean characteristics.


Here, great cities cohabit in perfect harmony with rural communities and isolated country houses; industrial centres with natural areas that conserve the most delicate ecosystems.


However, beyond its landscape, its cities or its rich artistic heritage, the Basque Country is above all its people, who are people with character, who are proud of conserving their millenarian culture, pleasant people who share the same enthusiasm for life and freedom.


Come to the Basque Country and enjoy the kindness and hospitality of its people, the quality of its establishments and gastronomy, in short, all the aspects that make this slogan a reality "Euskadi, it's a real pleasure".



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